DRMAA Success Stories

Hess Corporation: Use case for DRMAA.

Hess Corporation is a global integrated energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as the refining and marketing of petroleum products, natural gas and electricity. As part of our exploration activities, seismic data is acquired and processed to create images of the earth's subsurface which can be analyzed by geoscientists for indications of hydrocarbon deposits. In order to process the seismic data for a particular area, which can be several terabytes in size for a single seismic survey, we use a cluster based supercomputing facility, composed of several thousand CPU and GPU processors. To help manage the tens of thousands of individual application tasks created as part of the data processing and image generation workflow, we use a commercially supported grid engine software package. This grid engine software provides a "C-Programming language callable" DRMAA library which is used by our application front-end to submit the batch job streams which contain the processing and image generation tasks to the compute cluster for execution.

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